UP Stairlift Africa


Truly Innovative.
The award-winning UP Stairlift combines installation flexibility with award-winning design to provide the ideal solution for stair-free access throughout the home. The UP Stairlift is ready to help you reconnect with your house once again, from specification to installation in a matter of days, regardless of the staircase shape.

Features Your Customers Will Love.

Next Day Installation

Fully Automatic

WiFi Connected

Modular Rail System

Sustainable Mobility

The revolutionary UP stairlift rail system can save time and money. There’s something else though: it is reusable!

Not only is the UP stairlift lift reusable, it’s also manufactured by machines running on renewable energy sources. Should you no longer need your stair lift, its aluminum rails are 100% recyclable. Not only will you feel safer going up the stairs, but you will feel better about the small environmental impact of this revolutionary stair lift.

The UP Stairlift combines award-winning design with installation flexibility to deliver the perfect solution to stair-free access throughout the home. From specification to installation in a matter of hours, regardless of the staircase shape, the UP Stairlift is ready to help you connect with your home once again.

Fits on Any Stair Case

The UP stairlift lift may be installed on almost any staircase and offers maximum freedom! With rail termination options at both the top and bottom of the staircase, you can entirely control how and where the UP stairlift lift spends its alone time!





180 Degree Park

Complete Control

Technology is improving every day. Why stay in the past? In addition to the traditional options (the joystick and remote controls) we offer an app which you can easily operate your stairlift on your phone, remotely.

Smart Phone App

Ergonomic Joystick

Remote Controls